Sarah's 'Moving' Pictures

“For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

Working in small museums, you become entire departments. As Communications Officer with the Museum on Tower Hill, I wrote copy for media releases and MailChimp e-blasts, and the occasional piece for a newspaper column and the magazine Fun in the Sun. I would do a lot of didactic writing or proofing for exhibition and intro panels. I designed posters, graphics for social media, all in-house signage and didactic layouts. Management of the Museum's website, Facebook and Twitter took up a fair amount of time.

Going in with no graphic design experience, I was concerned about my abilities but my degree in fine arts meant I wasn't completely useless. This section doesn't show everything I produced, but it does illustrate the transition from clip-art junkie to original artist.

Halloween Haunt

The Halloween Haunt was the first event I promoted at the Museum on Tower Hill as Communications Officer. As someone with zero training, I relied on patching together clip-art. This soon changed.

Remembrance Day & Community Remembrance Project

Using Photoshop Elements 14, I created the poppy and incorporated it into every social media post, website banner and poster I made for the Community Remembrance Project exhibition.

John Macfie Exhibition & Talk

John Macfie is a local celebrity in Parry Sound. He is an artist, author and historian with books complied from over a hundred interviews with locals.  Macfie has contributed a lot to the Museum on Tower Hill over the years so it was fitting to have an exhibition honouring him. 

For this exhibition, I created the social media posts, posters, website banners an exhibition page and an information graph about Macfie as an author. I used photos provided for the exhibition to create everything. Wanting the poster to feel epic, I used Photoshop Elements 15 to cut out the images and layer them.


After voluntarily creating a brochure for the Museum's Annual Pass program (similar to a membership), I was approached to create brochures for two new programs: Corporate Sponsorship and Adopt-An-Artifact.  

Powered by Squarespace. The Season exhibition photos are by Paulina Kulacz. Re-Imagined Landscapes exhibition photos are by Natasha Wiatr. Background image: Sarah Caldwell, 2010.